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Delay in processing reports


I'm facing a lenghty process in processing reports via email in RS  (more than an hour). I'd like to know how could the processing time be reduced.
Note that not all reports take long, just two.

Thank you.

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Re: Delay in processing reports

Hi hawk_system97,

I suppose that executing this same report takes long too, as sending a report per email ist firstly executing the report and then sending it per email. You should work on this report's execution performance (DB, cache, etc). You could also pre-load results e.g. every night into a temp table, and then execute the report on this table instead of querying the "real" tables.

The response time of the BI Systems should be fast enough for the user not to become impatient (ideally). This can be achieved in most of the cases known to us be preprocessing the requested dataset prior to access by reportserver (i.e. overnight). If you deal with millions of rows you might as well consider using a columns store to achieve fast results for the given set of selected columns.



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