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BiRT Emitters

Is it possible to add/remove emitters for BiRT reports?
We have a report that renders well as either HTML or PDF, but the Excel is a complete mess - there is even data missing (and corrupted file errors on MS Office). There are a number of alternative Excel emitters that I would like to try out, but I have no idea how to wire them in to ReportServer (or if it is even possible).

Also, is there a target date for a 4.3.x version of the BiRT libraries within reportServer? 4.2.1 (besides having old bugs) is getting on a bit and we are having to keep old versions of Eclipse running to build/maintain these reports.


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Arno Mittelbach
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Re: BiRT Emitters

Hi Tristan,

it is indeed possible to include custom Birt emitters, however, a little bit of
scripting is needed to get this working. You would need to implement a BirtOutputGenerator
and register it using BirtOutputGeneratorProviderHook. This would allow you to
execute the report via the URL. To add it to the client side an additional script
is needed that uses the clientExtensionService to register the new output format.

I've added this question to the list of things to blog about, and we will also
include an example in the ScriptGuide (which we plan to release in the second
quarter). In case you need additional support before that, I can recommend
our support packages.

As for the inclusion of the latest Birt version, this is also planned for the
second quarter.



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