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ReportServer configuration files and user manual

Hi folks,

Is there a user/dev manual which describe all the config files (in /etc/...) and what are the wanted values ?

We also need a description of the "Formula default" field in the parameter list of the BIRT reports (are these formulas javasript, java classes, custom...).
We want to have a "dynamic" date parameter which change everyday for scheduled report.
Can we use BIRT runtime formulas like "BirtDateTime.addDay(new Date(),-1)" in the forumula field ?

Thanks for you help.


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Re: ReportServer configuration files and user manual

Hi will reply to myself ;^)

I ve found on the german forum some information about the "Formula" in parameters field. It seems it's based on "JUEL" (Java Unified Expression Language).

So to obtain the last day use "${today.addDays(-1)}".

There is a mention in the German forum to a "Benutzerhandbuch" which is the user manual, where can I find this manual ?


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Marcel Berger
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Re: ReportServer configuration files and user manual

Hi Isimedia

I'm glad that you found a solution. The manual is here currently available in German and soon also in English.
If you have specific questions ask here in the forum, we will help you.

Check out our blog, where can find examples and tutorials.

kind regards


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