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Adding Datasource Driver to bitnami/reportserver Docker Container


I'm running a bitnami/reportserver docker container and want to add the Firebird Jaybird driver.

I was previously running a windows based reportserver bitnami stack (version and successfully added the Firebird Jaybird driver by copying the relevant jar files ('connector-api-1.5.jar' and 'jaybird-4.0.5.java11.jar') into 'C:\Bitnami\reportserver-\apps\reportserver\reportserver-conf\lib\'. How can I add the driver when running a bitnami docker container?


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Re: Adding Datasource Driver to bitnami/reportserver Docker Container

Hi danco,

i'm not completely sure if the bitnami image has an external config directory where you can put additional libs... i'm planning to implement such an external directory (outside of the container) for the enterprise edition.

in the meantime have a look at our enterprise edition docker image : https://hub.docker.com/r/infofabrik/rep … enterprise
There is a workaround to upgrade your RS... this might also be helpful to customize your docker container (even the bitnami docker wink )

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