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JXLS / Jasper - File upload parameter to insert image into report

I tried to search the forum and other online resources with no luck so I'm trying to check if there is any available solution to my issue.
I'm on community edition.
I have a JXLS template that fetches some product data from our database and it works fine. Now I'm trying to use file-upload parameter to let the user upload an image and use this image inside a jx:image tag or a simple ${parameters.image} without success.
I have the same problem with jrxml report, having the image expression evaluated as the parameter. No success.
So basically I have two questions:
1. How the uploaded file is stored and referenced inside report server? Is it accessible as raw data (like using team spaces' file upload?)
2. Is there any method to insert an image inside a JXLS or a jrxml report, considering the image will be uploaded during report execution?



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