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Arno Mittelbach
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ReportServer 2.1 RC1 released

We are happy to announce the release of ReportServer version 2.1 RC1 which is available for download from sourceforge. Version 2.1 is foremost a maintenance release, but it comes with a couple of exciting new features such as experimental support for SAP Crystal Reports and improved support for use with mobile devices.

Besides many detail improvements and some bugfixes we upgraded all the external report libraries to their latest versions. We also added experimental support for SAP Crystal Reports which can now be used to generate graphical reports alongside Jasper and Birt. Currently we support only basic functionality, thus we are happy to hear what you think should be added in upcoming versions. Besides that we made an effort to improve usability for users of mobile devices.

With version 2.1 we have also refactored large parts of the configuration. Most of the configuration is now accessible from the internal filesystem, which makes maintenance and future updates way easier. Detailed instructions on all the available options are given in the Configuration Guide, which will be available later this week.

Upgrading from ReportServer 2.0 should be straight forward. There have been some changes to the data model mostly the addition of new tables for supporting Crystal Reports. See the ddl directory for the new model. As we said, we've moved large parts of the config options from the extern reportserver.properties to the internal file system. For an overview of the new structure have a look at the file baseconfig-xx.zip in the folder pkg. Finally, we have slightly changed the way data source passwords are encrypted. Thus, you will need to reset your data source passwords in order for ReportServer to be able to decrypt them before use.

If you need any help in upgrading from ReportServer 2.0 or have any comments and suggestions, we are happy to hear from you.


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