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Adding a custom BIRT datasource in ReportSrever


We have written a custom BIRT datasource for our solution and we would like to integate it in the web interface.
The plugin works with ReportServer if we store the data source properties in the report (the plugin is stored in WEB_INF/lib) but we cannot add a custom data source from the web interface, the data source type is not listed in the menus...

How is is possible to integrate a custom data source in the web interface ?

Thanks for any help.


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Thorsten J. Krause
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Re: Adding a custom BIRT datasource in ReportSrever


unfortunately you cannot use custom birt datasources directly,
but there is a way, albeit not that elegant, to access those, anyway:

- create a dummy birt report that defines a dataset using your custom datasource
- in the datasource manager create a "Birt Report Datasource"

You can now use this Datasource in other reports an have it point to the dummy reports dataset.

This was originally meant to have data-driven parameters access data from their reports, but it mights serve your needs.



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