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Text Parameter - Can it accept a comma separated list?

I would like to allow a user to input a list of values into a parameter field.  I created a Text box, with width of 1000.  Looks great! Since the values are numeric and going into a numeric data field, I changed the type to java.lang.integer

If 1 put in 1 number, say 1, I get the following errors when I try to add columns (configure list):

The report could not be executed: JRRuntimeException: Invalid type java.lang.integer for parameter KVLKey used in an IN clause; the value must be an array or a collection.

If I put in 1,2,3 I get the error:

Parameter KVL is not defined correctly.

Can you provide insight on how the text box works?  When I play with varchar2 fields with "string" I am also not able to get the text parameter to work.


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