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Do report variants save (i.e. fix) the report parameters?

For example, I have months as one of my parameters. My requirement is for the default month parameters to be dynamic, that is the report should be executed monthly with the new current month. However, I am not sure if I were to schedule a variant of this report (which I execute this month in June), whether the report executed next month would be with the month parameter as June (previous month) or July (the new current month).

For context I was reading this blog post: https://reportserver.net/blog/2016/04/2 … roduction/ which mentioned that

It is important to note that what was stored is not the data but only the metadata. That is, what is stored is the information about the configuration of the report (three columns, a filter, some sorting etc.) and whenever the variant is executed it greps fresh data from the underlying datasource.

but I am not sure whether "metadata" includes the values the parameters were set to.

Hope someone could clarify, thank you!

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