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Unwanted .csv filename suffix

Hi All... I'm hoping you can help (I'm fairly new as a user on ReportServer).

I am using the scheduler to export a report to an ftp directory using a datasink. The report is arriving okay and the contents are okay (it is a flat text file). My customer wants the file naming as "myfilename.txt", however reportserver seems to corrupt the name by always adding ".csv" suffix on the end.

I understand that it is being exported as a "CSV" file (Export Type), but that is only because there is no other option for a text file.

Is there a way to stop the extract routine corrupting my file name?

Apologies if this is documented, I have looked, but I can't find any reference.



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Re: Unwanted .csv filename suffix

Hi bwgoodall,

you can add custom report exports as explained here: https://reportserver.net/en/guides/scri … Executors/

"In this chapter we go through the necessary steps to add custom additional report exporters, for example to export dynamic lists into a custom text-based format"

If you use the "CompiledTxtReport" this should work.

You can also try to change the file name in the csv export with a hook, pls take a look here: https://reportserver.net/en/guides/scri … ortServer/



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