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Datasource parameter - problem with default values

I have a datasoure parameter with query:

select distinct sd.content_key, get_content_text(sd.content_key, ${_RS_LOCALE_USER})
from sd.status_dict sd
order by 2

I want to mark default values. As you can see the values depend on current language (_RS_LOCALE_USER) so I am not able to set default values correctly...
It would be better to set default keys than default values.

I try to change language and add as default values all the values in all my languages used in application (en, pl).
Unfortunately it marks parameter at start correctly but I cannot filter parameters - it looked like you add all default keys selected in default values, so always there are added from different language.

As example I have default values:
A_pl   (key as A_en)
B_pl  (key as B_en)
C_pl  (key as B_en)

If I have ENGLISH language in appliaction I see marked A_en, B_en, C_en but even If I reject some of them, the result is not changed (like all are set always).
Better if you can reject from parameters all default values which are not related with current language.

Any idea how to set default values in such case?


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