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Schedule a report

I have successfully installed the Report Server and configured email settings. Everything is working fine. I have created a Birt Report and uploaded, now I want to schedule it and send email to recipients but on the dashboard Schedule button is disabled, I believe I am missing something but not sure, can anyone please advise.


Below is my schedule.cf file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		<mailaction html="false">
			<subject>ReportServer: ${subject}</subject>
			<text>Guten Tag,
eine Einplanung wurde ausgeführt.
Bericht: ${report.getName()}
Nachricht: ${message}
		<fileaction disabled="false" html="false">
			<subject>ReportServer: Einplanung in Teamspace gespeichert</subject>
			<text>Guten Tag,
eine Einplanung in den Teamspace wurde ausgefuehrt.
Bericht: ${report.getName()}
Dateiname: ${filename}
Beschreibung: ${description}
Teamspace: ${teamspace.getName()}
Ordner: ${folder.getName()}
		<notification disabled="false" html="false">
				<subject>ReportServer: Neue Einplanung</subject>
				<text>Es wurde eine Einplanung für Sie vorgenommen.
Bericht: ${reportName}
Benutzer: ${scheduleUser}
Nächste Termine: ${nextDates}
				<subject>ReportServer: Einplanung gelöscht</subject>
				<text>Eine Einplanung wurde gelöscht.
Report: ${reportName}</text>
				<subject>ReportServer: Einplanung fehlgeschlagen</subject>
				<text>Die eingeplante Ausführung des Berichts ist fehlgeschlagen.
Bericht: ${reportName}
Fehlermeldung: ${errMsg}
Empfänger: ${recipients}
Fehler-Details: ${stacktrace}


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Arno Mittelbach
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Re: Schedule a report

Hi azeemdin,

this is an intricacy of the current version of ReportServer. Currently, only so-called report variants can be scheduled. A report variant is, for example, a fully configured
dynamic list or a birt report with set parameters. In case you have a graphical report (such as birt or jasper) and no parameters, there is not really a need to require
to store a variant before scheduling. Thus, we are planning on changing that in future versions. For you this means, you first need to create a variant that you can then
schedule. Open the report in ReportServer and click on "save" top right. You should then be able to schedule the freshly created "variant".

Hope this helps


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Re: Schedule a report

hi Arno,
Thanks a lot for your help and clarification.

Yes definitely, it helped and worked like a charm.

This is really an excellent product, thanks once again for your prompt reply and support.


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