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Reportserver with docker concept

Hi all,

someone can help me here to how can I build RS (any version) with docker concept.
I'm learning the docker concept an I want to do a test with reportserver.

Any ideas is wellcome!


El Palacio


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Re: Reportserver with docker concept

I'm quite surprised that ReportServer doesn't have an official Docker image yet, but it certainly would be possible to build your own.

I would start with an Apache base image and install Tomcat with apt-get. You can use wget and tar to download and install ReportServer. You may also want to copy in some config files to replace the defaults for Apache and Tomcat. You might look at the downloadable VM or bitnami stack for examples.

This is something we are interested in, but simply haven't had time to focus on (we're using bitnami for now). If you make progress on it, we'd definitely be willing to test it out and make tweaks if you publish to GitHub.


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