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Format of number in standard mode vs pivot mode of dynamic lists


I've applied the following settings in the file localization.cf :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
         <numberPattern># ##0,00</numberPattern>
         <currencyPattern># ##0,00</currencyPattern>

I've reloaded the config and refresh the web page.

Then I specified the format "number" with 2 decimals and thousand separator on the measures.

This format is properly applied on the preview of the list in standard mode but not applied once the pivot mode is enabled.
It comes back in the format: x,xxx.xx

NB: , is specified as decimal separator on the user.

In a 2nd test, I tried to modify the file like below :

reload the config
connection in language EN
When the format has not been specified
- result in standard dynamic list : x xxx,xx
- result in pivot mode : x,xxx (no decimals displayed)

When the format is specified to number with 2 decimals and thousand separator
- result in standard dynamic list : x,xxx.xx
- result in pivot mode : x,xxx.xx

Maybe I missed something to have the same format x xxx,xx in both modes.


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