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Using Send To for Windows\SMB share

I have found several sources on the forum and a great article on using "Send to" for email destinations and SFTP. I have not found how to "Send To" an external file system such as SMB.

The Features list suggest this is possible.

This Post shows how to connect to an SFTP server. https://forum.reportserver.net/viewtopic.php?id=598
A blog post detailing Scheduling and using custom email.  https://reportserver.net/blog/2018/03/3 … cheduling/
A post showing  the email method https://forum.reportserver.net/viewtopic.php?pid=4169

I am not fluent in groovy and don't know how to find the parameter options for:

Being able to browse the SMB structure and set the Path per report would be fantastic, but not expected.
Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Using Send To for Windows\SMB share

Hi gary,knapp,

I would recommend you to start with any of the two scripts. You don't have to change the SendToTargetProviderHook or SendToTargetProviderHookAdapters. You can use the scripts as they are. Then, modify the parts that actually send the email message: send your report to your SMB share instead.
So the only thing you should have to do is to send the report to your SMB, everything else you can take it from one of the scripts posted.



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