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New user cannot login

Hi there,

My ReportServer installation as follows:

1). Java 1.8 + enterprise version 3.03 + Tomcat 9 + Centos 7
2). Java 1.8 + community version 3.03 + Tomcat 8.5 + Windows

I prepared both installations to try to figure out the cause for the login failure after creating new users. What I did is
1. Login with root/root user to create a new user
2. Set up a new password to the new user, and apply the changes.
3. Logout, and then login with the new username and password, but ALWAYS fails to login, saying "Login attempt failed."

This is really important and basic function for a software, and very critical for our assessment on the product.

Any idea to solve the problem? Thank you.


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Re: New user cannot login

Hi wzehn,

did you give „access reportserver“ permission to the new User? Check Administration / permissions / reportserver access right! This has to be granted explicitly (https://reportserver.net/en/guides/admi … Management). Thus said it is possible to have Users that can not login. These Users are users that do receive Reports via scheduled Reports (E-Mail) only.
Wbr Jan


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