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No import target for reports was

Good morning group !!! I am as following problem, I went in the Administrator / Report tab, I chose which to do the export, a file was successfully generated. In another environment on another machine, I installed the ReportServers, and tried to import the exported file, in the option of Administrator / Import, choose the option to import the file, the same and imported, I go in the option of report and it is imported However, I choose the bank, I go to the option of report management, all marco objects and I command import, besides not visualizing the report exported in the option of Reports, the same of a NO IMPORT TARGET FOR REPORTS WAS SELECTED error, or even if I'm doing it wrong, could anyone help me. Because I already have an environment where I have developed some graphics in a machine and I want to export the same ones and take to another maquia making the importation of them. I use the free version.

Thank you all for the attention.


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