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Suggestions dashboard (grid & full-screen)


Suggestion 1. - Show the grid of a dynamic list (or saiku report) in a dadget

I see I can add a report-dadget to my dashboard and when I select a dynamic list I can have all kinds of charts to show the data. But I am not able to show the grid only. Previous is coming close but then I get the full saiku environment with it. I would like to see the grid only. Much like the charts where the saiku environment is omitted.

Suggestion 2. - Double-click on the dadget-header bar (or icon) to show the dadget in fullscreen

It would be nice when you could double-click on the dadget-header bar to have that specific dadget show in full-screen. Especially charts with more than a few categories or multiple groups will benefit from being able to in fact zoom-in by looking at the chart in full-screen (depending on the size of your browser off-course).

Suggestion 3. - chart:multi-bar have seperate range on y-axis

When using the Chart:Multiple bar report View on a dadget the y-axis of all chart have the same range. We work with registraties on some have a few 100 records (new ones) and some have 100.000+ records resulting in very little bars for the first category. As it might be good to be able to look at all charts with the same y-ax range an option would be best here :-)

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