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Arno Mittelbach
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ReportServer 3.0 Released

Dear all,

we are thrilled to announce the release of ReportServer 3.0 which comes with quite a few new features and, most notably, a completely new look. Have a look at our accompanying blog post for a list of the most exciting changes.

With the release of the new version we also introduce a new licensing model for ReportServer. There will now be a Community Edition that is released under the AGPL and an Enterprise Edition that is released under a commercial license. For a detailed comparison of the two editions have a look at our comparison matrix. For further information on the change of license please also read this blog post.

To celebrate the start of ReportServer Enterprise Edition we are offering licenses at the reduced rate of 1249 EUR per server until the end of May. With the change in licensing we have also decided to release any documentation free of charge. For those of you who have purchased documentation in the past (thank you very much for the support) we would like to offer you an extra 250 EUR deduction on the first license. (To make use of this offer please contact us at sales@datenwerke.net.)

Best Regards,
Your ReportServer Team


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