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ReportServer Community 3.0.2-6 - Sybase

Hi, I am a new one in ReportServer
I know establish connection to MySQL database.
But I need also establish connection with sybase database. Please can someone provide me manual how I can set this connection (settings in report server and adding the source), but in my case must be like for  dummies. I am real new one and I don't have a many skills for this moment.

Thank you all

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Re: ReportServer Community 3.0.2-6 - Sybase

Hi Dimitrix,

You have to add the Sybase JAR file jconn4.jar to this location:

You should be able to also add it to: \Bitnami\reportserver-3.0.2-6\apps\reportserver\reportserver-conf\lib but, just to make sure, first try here: \Bitnami\reportserverenterprise-3.0.2-6\apache-tomcat\webapps\reportserver\WEB-INF\lib

Then you should create a JDBC relational datasource. More information here:
https://reportserver.net/en/guides/admi … -Databases

The Sybase JDBC URL is:


The server must have been previously started. You have to replace "IP" with your "IP". The default port 2638 must also be changed if necessary.
To start the sybase server, you can start the program dbsrv17.exe. Here you can choose your "SERVICENAME" and select the database to be reached.

Please note that with the current reportserver version there is a bug with Sybase and Saiku:
This bug is corrected in the upcoming 3.0.3 reportserver version.

Best regards,


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Re: ReportServer Community 3.0.2-6 - Sybase

Hi edulid,

Thank you a lot, it was very helpful for me


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