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Somebody help me?

I want know about the antecendent of ReportServer.
Who created it? why? What is the purpose?

Thank u so much smile

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Re: History

Dear Anastacia,

reportserver is our creation. The company behind reportserver is infofabrik GmbH - former datenwerke - a BI company registered in Germany. The idea for reportserver evolved when we were confronted with task of designing and implementing a new BI System for a financial institution. Reportserver is our creation from scratch, thus we consider oreports (oreports.com) an inspiration but not an ancestor.

We identified roughly 3 different types of reports we had to support:

- OLAP Engines for thorough analysis
- PixelSharp Reporting Engines for recurrent reporting tasks that have a certain visibility
- List Generators. The list is the part under water of the reporting iceberg.

This is how Reportserver supports these requirements:

Pixel sharp Reporting via the open source engines Jasper and Eclipse BIRT and also integrates the enterprise-level reporting engine SAP Chrystal Reports.
OLAP Reporting via Pentahos open Source OLAP engine Mondrian and the Saiku Client.

AdHoc Reporting via ReportServers Dynamic List. The Dynamic List is ReportServer‘s unique ad-hoc reporting engine. It is powered by a database table or any table like data structure and allows users to customize and analyze the data within. From simple filters to complex aggregations and analytical functions, users have a large tool set at their disposal. The result of a dynamic list can be exported into various formats including, Excel, CSV, PDF or XML and it  provides a perfect means for generating data for post processing in Excel or feeds for third-party systems. Dynamic lists can even be exported into predefined Word or Excel templates allowing users to produce highly formatted results recurringly filled with then actual data.

In Addition there are two more report types supported in reportserver which i want to mention briefly:
- Script Reporting, a class of ist own. I call it the leatherman of report enignes.
- Grid Editor, simple UI to manipulate table data

ReportServer captures all these engines under a joint GUI. Thus, administrators and report designers are free to choose the format best suited for the current task.

Hope that gives you an idea.



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Re: History

Thank u so much.

Its very interesant.



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Re: History

Do you think it's a good idea having both Script Reporting and Grid Editor in tandem? Or do you think that's not necessary?


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Re: History

Hi Hetherington,

please explain exactly what do you mean with this?



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