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SQL statement errors

I have been using ReportServer to handle data from my company's postgres, and firebird databases. some query statements work for the postgres database dynamic lists, but not when i use the same functions for the firebird. Is there a universal query lanugage i can use for ReportServer, or do i have to use different languages for different databeses?

if anyone could direct me in the direction of a tutorial for basic sql functions that work on ReportServer and how to use them that would most likely solve my issue.
currently all "solutions" on the internet have been problematic.


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Re: SQL statement errors


I use both PostgreSQL & Firebird SQL with ReportServer extensively, and yes, there are differences in SQL statements you can perform on these database types.
In particular, functions concerning dates, time, string concatenation, type casting etc. may be different. Some functions that are available in PostgreSQL are not available in Firebird - for instance, window functions are not available in Firebird 2.5.
This means that - when writing more sophisticated SQL queries you need to take care of these differences and use database-specific SQL dialect.
Hope it helps,


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Re: SQL statement errors

the dynamic list SQL is datasource specific. That enables the developer to use RDBMS specific features to write fast queries. An abstraction would only cause additional overhead without beeing of real use: the RDBMS independent SQL is nice in theoriy only - in real life you end up searching common ground for all SQL implementation without being able to profiteer from features being specific to certain datasources.

Hence, use the SQL dialect of the underlying datasource. Thus said, it should not keep you from writing readable and transformable queries !

wbr jan


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