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Shopping for a report portal - feature questions

a) Does ReportServer already contain, or could one be easily added, a web service intended for consuming an already produced PDF or Excel document, that was produced on an external system, for import into a ReportServer instance?

b) Can a ReportServer report be simply comprised of a call to a web service on an external system, which produces a PDF or Excel document on that external system, which in turn calls the web service as described in a), for import of the document into a ReportServer instance?

We would need features like that to gradually migrate from our existing report portal over to ReportServer.


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Re: Shopping for a report portal - feature questions

Hi MikeJ,

a) You are talking here about simple pdf or excel files. Nothing marks them as "reports", since they are created in an external system. If you want to import these into reportserver, you may write a script that imports these into a specific location, e.g. the reportserver virtual file system or a teamspace for example. Since you can execute scripts by calling an URL, this should perform what you need. Here more information on executing scripts via url: https://reportserver.net/en/guides/admi … Scripting/ (13.7. Accessing Scripts by URL)
But if you want to only show them, you can create an URL dadget that points to the PDF and this dadget will show the PDF without importing them into reportserver. If you change the PDF in your external system and refresh the dadget, it will show the new contents.

b) You can use a simple URL to create your PDF or Excel in ReporServer, since you can execute reports in reportserver by calling a specific URL. Check this: https://reportserver.net/en/guides/admi … a-the-URL/
You don't need to import the report you created with reportserver again into reportserver. You can export the PDF/Excel file to a teamspace or show it in a dadget. Teamspaces are there to store exported reports, so this is exactly what you want. Check teamspaces here: https://reportserver.net/en/guides/user … TeamSpace/



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