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report topic

Is it possible to add/remove emitters for BiRT reports?
We have a report that renders well as either HTML or PDF, but the Excel is a complete mess - there is even data missing (and corrupted file errors on MS Office). There are a number of alternative Excel emitters that I would like to try out, but I have no idea how to wire them in to ReportServer (or if it is even possible).

Also, is there a target date for a 4.3.x version of the BiRT libraries within reportServer? 4.2.1 (besides having old bugs) is getting on a bit and we are having to keep old versions of Eclipse running to build/maintain these reports.



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Re: report topic

Hi shinnoshin,

the excel export for pixel perfect reports i.e. birt is not adequate in many cases. What the exporting tool is trying to do is to "draw" the birt report to an excel sheet. This does not work in many cases as you noted. The excel exporter is done by the BIRT engine, not by ReportServer. So we don't have control of the export result. We just pass the report to the birt engine and show the result.
What other excel emitters are you talking about? What do you want to try? At the moment it is not possible to change the excel exporter for birt.

We have a ticket for upgrading birt: RS-2380. We will update here when this is done. Maybe for the next version but we can't yet promise.



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