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Database connection timeout parameter

Hi, I'm trying to setup high-available configuration for ReportServer.
With frontend part(which is located behind AWS ALB) there are no any issues - I've adjusted settings in java.security settings file to networkaddress.cache.ttl=5 and networkaddress.cache.negative.ttl=5
And that was enough to handle switch between two tomcat instances.
For database I'm using AWS RDS Postgres and during manual failover report server page hanged. And the only way to restore it's functionality - it is to close reportserver page and open again. Is it possible to fix this behavior?
I think it might be another cache parameter, but I don't know where. Hope you can help me


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Re: Database connection timeout parameter

Hi John.

for a start: did you check https://reportserver.net/en/guides/conf … tasources/ and here 4.1.2. Configuring the Connection Pool ?

By default, ReportServer will pool connections to relational database systems. This increases the stability of the system, since you can define an upper limit of simultaneously open connections and, furthermore, it improves the performance at the same time since database connections are kept open and ready for use. The connection pools can be configured both globally and per datasource. The configuration is done in the file /fileserver/etc/datasources/pool.cf. ...


Pls. check further Details in the documentation.

hope this helps

wbr jan


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