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multi data sources migration for one report

Hi, I have some excel files and some data on mysql and sql server.
I'm going to report a comparison of data in all of them.
for example in excel a column have ID which is shared with others and a column only in excel that have some value that should compare with a field in mysql  server and if there is any diffrence report it.
is there any feature in ReportServer  to do that?


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Re: multi data sources migration for one report


Yes, it is possible using scripting features of ReporServer (it will work in the Enterprise Edition only).

A possible solution could be:

1. Use a file parameter => in this way you may upload youd excel file
2. Then:
a. create a groovy script report making comparison of your data base data with the imported excel data and displaying differences in a desired format (for example: html or another excel file)
b. create a groovy script loading data to another table in your database and then make comparison using sql

Both the file parameter and the script reporting are described in the documentation.

Hope it helps


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