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LDAP issue when assigning security to a report with RS v3.0.3-6002

I have loaded my LDAP users using the ldapimport.groovy script and then connecting the security  using the hookldappam.groovy script. It took me awhile to get those working, but I finally did and all of my LDAP users are now loaded into Reportserver.

Now I am testing LDAP in my DEV Reportserver environment for the past few months.  I was finalizing my LDAP changes in our DEV environment before implementing them in QA and found another (actually the same, but different area) LDAP issue.

I want to assign a OU or Group to a set of reports so only those users can execute these reports. When I click to add security for those group of reports, I get the pop window where it will not bring up the list of users, like before.  The problem here is since it’s in the Reports area, I cannot drag the OU or GROUP from Users and Groups to this area as a work around.  See screen shots below.

EXAMPLE: I want to add our EPA_BCG_Group (see second screen shot) to the EPA BCG Reports folder, but since I cannot bring up the list of users / groups / OUs, I cannot do this and since I cannot drag either, I am stuck.

Just a note, that I found a similar bug a month or so ago when assigning LDAP users to a group in the users/group admin functionality.  That was confirmed a bug in v3.0.3, but I got a work around to resolve it.  For this issue, that work around does not work.

Any ideas? I want to attach 2 screen shots, but not sure how to do that here


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Re: LDAP issue when assigning security to a report with RS v3.0.3-6002

Hello jeffrozica,

we verified this issue as a bug. Thank you.
We created a ticket RS-2818 concerning this problem and will fix it as soon as possible.

Best regards,


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