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ReportServer 3.7.0 is now available

We are pleased to announce that the 3.7.0 version of ReportServer is now available for download.

Among others, it now supports email, OneDrive - SharePoint (O365) and Dropbox datasinks. Pls note that only email (together with FTP/SFTP/FTPS) datasources are available in the Community Version. All others are available in the Enterprise Version.

Further, note that the old mail.cf configuration file is now deprecated. Pls use standard email datasinks instead.

For a list of all changes please refer to the Release Notes. The upgrade guide is available in the documentation area.

The javadocs can be found here: https://reportserver.net/api/current/javadoc/index.html
List of entities: https://reportserver.net/api/current/entities.html
List of hooks: https://reportserver.net/api/current/hooks.html
List of services: https://reportserver.net/api/current/services.html

Happy reporting!

Your ReportServer Team


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