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very very newbie question :(

Just found out that i have to create a report reading data from a mySQL datastore and having to display the data in a PieChart or a Histogram.

I have added my data source.
For a custom pie chart or histogram, etc do I have to use a Jasper or Birt report definition?

What are the steps involved?


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Re: very very newbie question :(

Hi rezarr,

you may use the Jasper or Birt pie charts / histograms, as you pointed out. Create your reports outside of reportserver and then upload the file (.jrxml or .rptdesign) to reportserver. Set a datasource to use in reportserver (your mySQL datasource) and then you can run your report with reportserver.

An alternative is to use pivot reports. You may create these directly in reportserver. Check here for some information: https://reportserver.net/en/guides/user … amic-List/
Pivot reports may be rendered dynamically as a pie chart, as histograms and as other formats as well. Check the demo system: https://reportserver.net/de/demo/ Log in with demoadmin/demoadmin and in the bottom right corner of the dashboard you may see a pie chart based on a pivot report.

You may find a lot of information on the administration guide: https://reportserver.net/en/guides/admin/main/



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