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Teamspace Security

Teamspace does not all you to assign Organizational Units (OU) or Groups. It only allows you to assign users.  Are there any plans to update RSTeamspace to use users, Org Units and/or Groups for security in the future?  This poses difficulties for us as I assign users to groups and can use that for report security, but for teamspace, I think need to manually assign each user to the teamspace rather than using the Group and/or Org unit I set up with those users.


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Re: Teamspace Security

Hi jeffrozica,

in 3.1 we will probably add this feature: Allow groups as TeamSpace Members. The ticket for this is RS-2374. 3.1 is expected during this year.
One workaround in the current version is to use a ReportServer script. You could keep track of changes to individual objects (in this case a group or OU) and on any change synchronize the members of a TeamSpace programmatically.



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